Greetings, my name is Joseph Ferreira, and here is a little about me and my background. I was born and raised in the Bay Area before moving to Rock Hill, South Carolina.

When I was 13 or 14, I started playing with Windows Paintbrush, and that was the start of my journey in design. My parents bought an early version of Corel Draw for my mom, but I think I used it more than she did. My mom was also an influence in my design and photography. She would always put the camera in our hands during

family functions, so that she could be in the pictures too. In 1999, I took an introduction course in photography at De Anza College, in Cupertino, CA. I borrowed my parents Canon AE-1 and began shooting 35mm Black & White film. The darkroom experience was awesome, and it has never left me.

In 2006, I decided to put my skills to use. I started with business cards, and in 2008, I began working on websites. 2010 was when I picked up my DSLR, and I love both film and digital. My goal is to one day build a large format camera. I am a passionate amatuer photographer, and I love passing that passion on.

In 2004, I married my beautiful wife, Bonnie. We have two wonderful children, Susanna and Franklin.

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